AI Spacefactory and BizFi have partnered to offer finance to equipment buyers


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Financial Solutions for your Robotic 3D Printer and SpaceFactory have partners to offer finance to buyers of equipment to help them get what they need faster and easier.

New Start Program

Across the industry, any new business with less than 2 year’s time in business is considered a ‘New Start’.

Owners with a strong personal credit profile can apply for new start finance, this can be approved for $50,000 – $70,000 leaving an upfront pay down to the full invoice value.

Application only $100,000 – $500,000

For all businesses with more than two years time in business, we have an application only program from $100,000 – $500,000. This makes the process simple and easy, we can have some approvals in as little.

Our easy online application can be completed in less than three minutes in most cases.

We only soft pull credit and it won’t affect your footprint in any way.

once approved, there is no cost or obligation if you do not proceed for any reason.

Corporate Only Submissions

Substantial companies with more than 5 year’s time in business, more than 20 full time employees and a history of borrowing, can apply ‘corporate only’.

Contact Jake Cutler with your company information, we can in many cases get you approved quickly and easily. Some cases need to be confirmed with company financials.

Purchases above $500,000

For larger purchases, contact us for more information. We will need a comprehensive financial package submission. We can work with you to make this quick and easy.

We have comprehensive financial options to support all kinds of companies, credits and purchases.

Contact Jake at 978-530-8623 or at

Section 179 Tax benefits

Purchasing equipment with financial will help tap into Section 179 tax advantages with accelerated depreciation of your equipment. See the calculator below to see the indictive benefits to your company.


Please find a calculator to provide monthly options and potential Section 179 benefit.